MOGO are one of the leading manufacturers and issuers of modular licensing and secure document systems in the UK.

Although the last decade has seen the phenomenal growth in electronic documents, paper documents still continue to be widely used.

The greatest threat to a printed document is fraud. Even with most basic modern personal computer and software, documents can easily be copied and altered.

SecuriDoc is a unique A4 ‘paper’ substrate that has been developed by MOGO that allows you to issue printed documents that guarantee the integrity of the original document.

SecuriDoc is:

  • Tamper Evident
  • Customised for or by you
  • Tear Resistant
  • Can be over-printed using normal office laser printers

Each SecuriDoc document has a number of overt and covert security features including a unique Hologram as well as features that are only known by the document issuer.

SecuriDoc is already in use by a number of Local Government Authorities.

If you are interested in finding out more about SecuriDoc or wish to speak to our representative please contact us at the earliest opportunity by sending us an email at info@securidoc.co.uk.

If guarding the integrity of your issued documents is important to you then SecuriDoc is an ideal solution that is speedy, practical and economical to use.

Contact us  today. We look forward to hearing from you.